56 foot Christmas tree lights up at Easton

As the holiday season approaches, a plethora of Christmas themed events are popping up on Columbus’s calendar. One of many exciting events this month was the Holiday Lighting Ceremony at Easton Town Center. Families and friends from all over central Ohio gathered at the shopping center on November 16th to witness the 56 foot Christmas tree light up for the first time this Christmas season.

  The evening began with Santa’s Arrival Parade, wherein children were filled with excitement as Santa arrived to officially start the event. There were many opportunities throughout the night to take photos with Santa and his elves in front of the Christmas tree.

  Kids, ranging from newborn babies to teenagers, were in high spirits as the countdown to the lighting of the Christmas tree began. Everyone counted down in unison and when the crowd screamed “one,” the humongous tree lit up from top to bottom. Children cheered and holiday themed music started blasting through the speaker system at the mall. Fireworks were set off, further exciting the huge crowd of people. The cold weather did not stop the attendees from enjoying the much anticipated event, as once the tree was lit, standing in the cold was definitely worth it.

  A group of attendees discussed their favorite part of the event. Tahirah, one of the friends in the group, shared how she comes to witness the tree light up every year.

  “I come to this event every year because I love the spirit in the air and the brightness of the lights. It’s really fun getting to come here with my best friends and my family to see the tree light up,” she explained.

  She went on to share how the Christmas season is her favorite time of the year because of the fun winter events she gets to participate in.

  Families also had to chance to get their picture taken with Santa Claus, which gave children the perfect opportunity to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas this year. Holiday carriage rides were being offered around the town center as well, which was a relaxing way to spend the evening leading up to the tree lighting. A girl named Callie explained how she enjoyed the carriage rides and what her favorite part of the event is.

  “[The carriage rides] are so much fun because I get to see all the lights around the mall for the first time up close. My favorite part of the tree lighting is seeing my mom’s reaction after the countdown,” she said.

  All in all, the Holiday Lighting Ceremony at Easton was a huge success with a very large turnout. The Christmas spirit was definitely in the air, and the event got everyone in the mood for the holiday season. Next holiday season, consider heading over to Easton to enjoy holiday festivities.


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