2019 Scheduling Tips

As students at Darby are choosing which classes to sign up for next year, it can be kind of stressful. These tips for scheduling should help you decide which classes interest you and which classes do not.

  For seniors, if you haven’t taken it already, I recommend taking Human Anatomy and Physiology. There is a part one where you learn about the anatomy of the body and part two which is about physiology of the body. If you are looking for a full year of science, you can take both classes, but if you just need an elective, you can just take Human Anatomy and Physiology 1. If you like science and are thinking about pursuing Health Sciences in the future, then this class is for you. You learn everything about the body, including the structures and functions of it. You get to take part in fun labs, watch a live knee surgery, dissect a cow’s heart and more! This class is a lot of memorization but it is helpful to make quizlets for you to study each section. This is a class that prepares you for future college anatomy classes.

  Another fun elective class is Sports Medicine I and II. It is taught by one of our athletic trainers, Thad Apel. This class is related to Anatomy, but you get to learn the sports side of it, like how to prevent injuries, how injuries happen and the different muscles in the body. You also get to learn how to tape ankles and wrists in this class. It is a laid back class and you have a lot of time to get all your work done if you stay focused. I think all student athletes would enjoy this class. It gives you more knowledge about the body and how to keep it safe while playing in sports.

  Finally another elective that is a must take class at Darby is Forensics. This class includes mostly hands on lab work. You get to learn and practice different techniques that are actually used at real crime scenes. You also get to watch a lot of forensic file cases. What makes the class so popular comes at the end of the semester, students get to try and solve a murder mystery case! While trying to remember everything you learned in the class, students will be given a scene to see if they can guess who did it, which includes actual teachers at Darby.

  Allison Williams, who is a senior at Darby, stated, “My favorite part about forensics was learning about ways people were murdered, as weird as that sounds. It fascinated me solving each case. I would 100% recommend this class because it is so interesting and it’s more fun to watch crime shows because you know what’s going on.”

  These are some classes that are more science related, but I’m sure you will find a class that fits you perfectly out of all the classes offered.


Written by: Natalie Brown


Throughout all of the classes offered at Darby, there are a few that are aimed mainly at sophomores that everyone should take while at Darby. While some classes may be more challenging than others, every class is a great option.

  One of the most well-known classes that is offered at not only Darby, but throughout the country, is AP U.S. History. The class is taught by Kris Camp and Nick Crawford, and the class itself holds students accountable for their work.

  While the rigor of the class is a lot more than any student would have experienced previously, I highly recommend this class because all of the hard work pays off. Not only will the class give students the opportunity to earn college credit, but it will also help them develop skills to take more difficult classes junior and senior year.

  Art credits are needed in order to graduate, and a good way to get the credits is by taking ceramics. It’s a semester class that teaches students how to work with clay, and if you really enjoy it, there are higher level ceramics classes available. That class offers a lot of creative freedom, but is also structured to help increase students’ artistic ability.

  Lastly, a class that every student at Darby should take regardless of their grade is Journalism Production. The class is host to the school’s online newspaper and allows students to write stories about any of their interests. Journalism is a small, tight knit class that helps develop writing skills. Some take the class for more than one year, and with that, multiple leadership opportunities open up that will look nice when applying to colleges.

  While these classes may be many students personal favorites, any class that is offered at Darby would be worthwhile and beneficial to take.


Written by: Alexa Capka

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