10 Tips For Successful Spring Cleaning

The spring months bring about thoughts of renewal and rebirth, leaving many people wanting to better themselves and their spaces. Spring cleaning has been a common tradition for many years wherein people declutter and organize their homes, workplaces, cars and any other spaces that have accumulated a mess.

  The popularity of spring cleaning, and organization in general, has significantly increased with the work of Marie Kondo, whose official job title is “organizing consultant”. Through her books and Netflix TV show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the organizer has created and perfected the Konmari Method of tidying. The whole premise of this method is to have a home full of things that spark joy for those who live there by holding each item and deciding if it brings the owner joy or not. The method also encourages a sort of minimalism in collecting and storing belongings in a household. If you are interested in completely changing your cleaning technique and learning about effective tidying, I recommend purchasing her books or watching her Netflix series.

  Around this time of year, cleaning and tidying are in fashion and many are looking for easy ways to better their spaces. If you are looking for some simple ways to declutter your spaces this spring season, I have some tips to share with you.


  1. Categorize your belongings. For example, gather all of your shoes together. Doing this will help you gauge how many shoes you have and if you have a few pairs of shoes that are similar. In this case, you should get rid of the shoes you don’t like or wear as much.
  2. Only keep things you frequently get use out of. If you are keeping a pair of shorts that used to fit you, but are too small now, get rid of them. Even if you may fit into them one day, they are not serving a purpose for you right now and are taking up space of other clothes you’ll actually wear.
  3. Use bins and boxes to store items you don’t need easy access to. You can find little bins at any dollar store for a cheap price and they are a great way to organize your belongings in a neat and aesthetically pleasing fashion. You can also label them if you’re feeling a little fancy.
  4. To deep clean a room, take everything out, wipe down the surfaces and vacuum, then put all the stuff you’re keeping back into the space, including placing items in new bins and finding a permanent home for each item.
  5. Dedicate a day or weekend to complete your spring cleaning. Tackle the biggest problem areas first, then allot one day each week or every other week to re-evaluate the new mess you’ve accumulated.
  6. Find a home for each item you are going to keep. This will ensure that when you have to go back and tidy up again, it will take less time to put everything away and cleaning will be more efficient.
  7. Plug in a new wall scent or burn a new candle. Rooms always feel more inviting when they smell fresh and clean. Also, you’re more likely to be productive and accomplish your tasks effectively when the room smells good. You’ll want to spend more time in the space.
  8. Constantly do laundry throughout your day of cleaning. When each load is done, take a break from what you’re doing, put on a TV show, and fold and put away your clothes. After your cleaning day is over, designate one day each week to do all of your laundry. Having a laundry routine will help you be consistent with managing your clutter, especially if your main problem is having clothes scattered across the floor.
  9. Wipe down all the surfaces, vacuum the floors, dust everything and take all dishes and cups out of each room to be washed. Also, make sure to recycle all the water bottles you find while cleaning.
  10. Consistency is key. You can’t just clean everything up once and then wait a year to tackle the mess again. Create a routine for yourself to tidy up your space once a week and declutter once a month. If you are consistent with your tidying, your space will be a more useful and inviting environment for yourself and others.

  I hope these tips are helpful for your spring cleaning endeavors and have inspired you to tidy up around your house. Cleaning is a great way to hit restart and ultimately better yourself for the rest of the year. Happy tidying!