Pumpkin picking

Photo by Karoline Betteridge

The cooling temperatures, changing leaves, and approach of Halloween means one thing: it’s time to pick the perfect pumpkin. While you could go to places like Wal-Mart or Kroger to select a pumpkin, it is far more fun to go to a pumpkin patch such as Kuhlwein’s Farm, The Orchard and Company, or Jacquemin Farms.   In order to pick the […]

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Clubs: Languages


For people who are in a foreign class, or can’t fit one into their schedule, there are after school clubs to strengthen one’s knowledge of different cultures.   Chinese Club Written by Madeline Capka One of the language clubs offered at Darby is Chinese club, which is open for any student who wants to participate. The club has been offered […]

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Clubs: Social Activism

Even though students at Darby are only in high school, they can still make a difference through social activism, which is available in these clubs. The Activist Society Written by Kiera Toliver SocAct is the social activist club at Darby that deals things going on in America and around the world, and how it affects people. Lauren Hall is the teacher advisor and […]

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Block Periods: Explained


A recently decided method of learning is being introduced to the middle and high schools in the form of block periods. Instead of having exams and midterms, the end of each quarter will consist of four days in which teachers will have 97 minutes per period to have exams or projects if they wish, or to try new kinds of […]

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Meetings to educate students about mental health

Photo Credit: Drew Moore

This year, Syntero, a company that provides mental health support in central Ohio, brought a program to Darby to help educate students about mental health. Every month there will be a new topic dealing with things like depression, eating disorders, and healthy relationships.   September was suicide prevention month. Lauren Hickson, the school’s Syntero clinician, hosted a meeting for anyone who […]

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Orchestra’s concert brings food and music under one roof

Darby's Chamber Orchestra was the last to play on Tuesday Night.

Tuesday, October 4th Heritage and Darby’s Orchestras presented their annual fall concert and spaghetti dinner. Both high school and middle school students played    Friends and family of the musicians were able to purchase a ticket for a dinner of pasta, bread sticks, and salad while they watched the performance, yet it was free to just watch. All six levels of orchestras between […]

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The return of Ms. Hall


This year English teacher Lauren Hall returned to Darby. After leaving Grove City School District, Ms. Hall decided that her home was here at Darby High School.   Ms. Hall graduated high school from Davidson, and then graduated from college from The University of Dayton. A year after she graduated college she moved to Paris, France to teach French speaking children […]

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Emotion through bowls

Page next to her art piece

  Sophomore Camryn Page is creating a sculpture piece in her Drawing 2 class to convey emotions through bowls, stories, and symbols.   The project is focused on emotions and recycling. She will be placing objects into the ten different bowls to represent emotions like depression, love and adventure. The stories will also be collected to put under the bowls to further […]

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New administration at Darby

This year Darby is welcoming Adam Walton, a new Assistant Principal who is excited for the upcoming school year. Walton is not only new to Darby but new to the district, saying that one of his first challenges starting his job was switching to the new atmosphere.   “I think any time you move from one district to another there’s a […]

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